Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Top-Down Sweater - DONE!

Yippee! The topdown sweater I was knitting for DS is finished! I love topdown design - it is just genius the way the directions are almost like a magic trick. I did end up frogging that first sleeve where the pooling occurred so it does look better now although I see some spots where there is slight pooling. But my son is happy and it's done well before the cold weather will hit!

So here it is...

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Children's Tunic #232
Yarn: 2 3/4 hanks Lorna's Laces in Seaside
Size: 6-8

So next up is another Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for my daughter. It's the Children's Neckdown Cardigan and I've got Filatura di Crosa Primo in a lavender shade for it.

I also started my very first lace project. I decided to give Branching Out a try. So far it's been a little frustrating. First I cast on the wrong number of stitches and didn't notice til I finished the garter stitch border. Then I ended up with the wrong stitch count on row 7 and ended up starting over. But now I've got one pattern repeat down and I put a lifeline in. I'm going to move the lifeline every time I finish a pattern repeat. But the good news is I'm getting better at chart reading!


Christina said...

I knit Branching Out as one of my first lace projects. Inserting a lifeline before Row 7 helped a lot! Saved me from ripping out over and over. I knit mine in Lavold's Silky Wool -- happily, it was none the worse with all the ripping!

Knittinreed said...

The sweater turned out great! How about sharing some pics of Branching out? I also ripped that one a lot - but it is worth it. Don't get discouraged if you need to frog - we all do it (see my blog) and you will be happy with the results when you get the pattern correct

LesleyKnits said...

Christina - glad to hear Silky Wool will survive the ripping out! I did the 2nd pattern repeat with just a minor fix that I noticed right away.

Knittinreed - I will post Branching Out progress although I've only done two repeats! Now that DS started school I'm going to have some time to get to it, I just can't concentrate on the chart unless it's quiet! Your Branching Out turned out beautifully :)

Phil & Gale said...

I knit the branching out scarf with denim blue silky wool yarn. Once I "got" the pattern, it was easy and I love using it in the winter. Hope you enjoy yours as well.